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Spending a Saturday afternoon with an actual lab coat on a soapbox on Southbank has been a weird but wonderful experience. Attracting families, fellow researchers, any one passing by including surprised tourists with a giant placenta in my hand was interesting to say the least! Greatly enjoyed all the conversations, comments and placenta offers!JanaSouthbank

Opening of the Center for Medical Engineering

Planing and designing laser-cut placenta models to make my research topic more approachable and touchable for participants was a lot of fun! It was also very interesting to talk to other scientists and members of the public on all the different projects going on in the Center for Medical Engineering (CME).


Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2018

Not knowing what to expect  I traveled to Lindau in June 2018 to participate in the 68th Nobel Laureate Meeting. 38 Nobel laureates from Medicine and Physiology took 5 days to mingle with 600 young scientists from all over the world in formats such as science walks, science lunches, agora talks, lectures and the chinese/bavarian evening. It was intense but amazing – I perfectioned my 2min elevator pitch, met lovely people and got so much food for thought on careers in science, strategies, luck and discoveries!


Packed Lunch 2019

I had the great opportunity to participate in the Wellcome Packed Lunch series – speaking about my pathway from studying maths to working in a hospital on placental research, clinical questions related to placentas and our newest results. The Q&A session which followed was a great experience – with questions as diverse as “How much does a placenta actually weight” to “Why do sailors use placentas as lucky charms”? – I had actually heart that the first time and thus learnt something as well!



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